Monday, September 30, 2013

Back stack with nested fragments + back button

When you have fragments with nested fragments, the FragmentActivity which handles the BACK button will not properly handle the back stack of those nested fragments.

In my application, I'm using a ViewPager with some fragments, and only one of them has nested fragments added to the back stack. In this case, when someone tries to press the back button, the activity will not handle the nested fragment stack and will finish right away. To solve this problem, I've implemented the following hack to the FragmentActivity. Please note that the activity only has one back stack: this will not work properly when you have a ViewPager with multiple fragments adding/replacing fragments into the back stack as it will get messy when the stack is not in a desired order.


asdfasdf said...

Hello, great hack. I'm interested to know more about this as I failed to make mine work. Could you share the full code of this snippet?


joão said...

This code goes into the Activity that holds a fragment with multiple child fragments. So this is practically the full code.

It was working very well when our code base was still very small. But then, after some time, this added unnecessary complexity to our code base when it was getting larger and more fragments were trying to add children. As I wrote in a comment in the code snipped, it just doesn't work at such condition.

So to take all this complexity out of our code, we decided to change our design to not use Fragments at all. We're currently using an approach very similar to what Square's "flow" library offers. Take a look at a sample they provided on this blog post to know a bit more. This helped us splitting our ui code into smaller components eventually making our code much more easy to maintain and to test as well.

asdfasdf said...

Okay, I understand. I'll check Flow out. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi, can yo please clarity whether
Are you using just a single Frame layout to replace various fragments?

Krystal said...

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debraplm51 said...

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bhanusuru597 said...

I implemented this exact functionality in my app for around a year. One activity with 4 tabs. Each tab is a parent fragment with it's own stack of child fragments. So for example you can be on tab A and navigate 3 levels deep, then switch to Tab B and navigate 4 levels deep, then switch back to Tab A and you will be on level 3 still with the ability to navigate backwards.

Essentially what you want to do is have a reference to the current active fragment and use popBackStack on the childFragmentManager, something like:

int backstackCount = currentFragment.getChildFragmentManager().getBackStackEntryCount();
if (backstackCount > 0) {
with all that said, I highly recommend against this approach. Instead consider using just parent fragments (or even better remove all the fragments and just use views) and keep track of your own navigation stack and implement you own navigation controller. It's a bit more work to get set up but will save you a ton of time in the futur