Monday, November 26, 2012

Installing CM10 onto Galaxy Tab (SC-01C)

I've decided to upgrade my Galaxy Tab (SC-01C) from 2.3.3 to CM10 4.X.X. Here is the instructions I followed to get it installed using my mac.

Step 0. Full charge the phone's battery :)

Step 1. Download the required files:

Download Heimdall
Download (build 3)
Download gapps if you want to have access to gmail and all google apps. :)

Step 2. Install Heimdall (restart required)

Step 3. Root phone and install CWM

3.1. Extract and then CF-Root-TAB7_XX_OXA_JQ1-v3.3-CWM3RFS.tar. You'll get the file: zImage.

3.2 Rebooting the phone in the downloading mode (Power on + volume down).

3.3 Execute the following command on your mac:   heimdall flash --kernel zImage

You've successfully rooted your SC-01C if you see the same result as the log above. :)

At this point you should see CWM and superuser app on your launcher.

Step 4. Flash CM10

4.1 Reboot phone in recovery mode (Power on + volume up)

4.2 backup!!

4.3 wipe data/factory reset,  wipe cache partition, advanced/wipe dalvik cache

4.4 install zip from sdcard: CM10 and gapps :)

*** The system might reboot into an updated CWM 6.0 recovery mode. Try to flash the zip files again.

*** Read this if you get an error with Status 7 ->

Step 5. Reboot system and enjoy CM10 :)



Anonymous said...

Hey, i want to root may Galaxy Tab SC-01C KERNEL VERSION Gingerbread.Omke2 .. is it really working?.. because i wanted to try it .. pls leave a comment or screenshots tahnks

Jay Bee said...

I'm having an error:
failed to access device. libusb error: -12

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