Monday, February 22, 2010

Call Log Trimmer - initial release

I've just uploaded Call Log Trimmer to the android market. :-)

I'll be improving functionality and usability over the time. If you have any comment or suggestion, please feel free to leave your message here!

Click here to know more about Call Log Trimmer!


hymby said...

I ask for your help, the call log calendar program, but the more I want to buy in Hungary can not be achieved in the Market programs which must be paid for.
I saw online that I can not pay $ 2. I have a PayPal account if you send it directly to the program I have?
Thank g

joão said...

Hello Gabor!

I've made Call Log Calendar available from as an alternative distribution route for users in countries with no payment options in android market.

You can access it from this link:

Thank you,